Monday, June 30, 2014

CSA Meals 2014: Week 4

Week 4: yellow squash, cucumber, spring onions, mushrooms, beets, lettuce, spinach, blueberries, muenster, rosemary-lavender foccacia, eggs.

- wash spinach, beet greens, lettuce, and pack in tupperware with layers of paper towels
- wash and chop beet stems 
- hard boil eggs
- wash and chop spring onions
- eat blueberries and munster

Meal: Green burritos
Leftover stew meat, sliced thin
Beet greens

Meal: Stir fry
Bacon fat, salt, balsamic
Manzanilla olives
Kale, green beans, beet stems, spring onion
Canellini beans
Sauce: yogurt, lime, cucumber
Served with three cheese tortellini

Many Meals: Stuffed Braided Breads Inspired by
For these bread thingies, I used the dough from Smitten Kitchen's Braided Lemon Bread , but omitted the 1/4 sugar in the dough.

Savory Veggie Filling:
Beet stems
Sad leftover turnip
Spring onion
Beet greens

All sauteed in:
Bacon fat

Spread on the braid base and topped with:
Refried beans

Peanut Chicken Filling
Peanut butter
Lime juice
Soy sauce
Fish sauce

Sesame oil
Spring onions

Cooked the chicken, then sauteed in sesame oil with the spring onions and spinach. Tossed all with the peanut sauce to coat.

Nutella mint filling:
Chocolate mint, sliced fine

Aww yeeah.

Baked at 375F for a little over a half an hour.
I made four bread doohickies from the single dough batch, so the dough was quite thin. The size is much better for our purposes, though - more like single meals. I made 2 of the peanut chicken, one savory veggie, and one nutella and mint. So tasty.

We planted some of last year's overwintered withered potato blobs. The plants looked alright for a while, then started to look a bit peaked, so I was dubious about the state of the plants and if they were truly potatoing deep down inside. I have read that you can actually do multiple (planned) harvests, so I took a peek. I love harvesting potatoes, it's like searching for Easter eggs!
Sure enough, they had been potatoing.

I replanted the tops - I'm curious if they'll reboot.

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